Today I Am In Awe...

Today I am in awe at how the multinational beverage company, Coca-Cola created a three-minute broadcast advertisement to promote peace between the Indians and the Pakistanis.

The campaign did not only use vending machines with live-streaming camera and 3D touchscreen technology but also enabled both countries to communicate in a fun way before they could drink their purchased product. They were able to dance together, wave at someone, make a friend, exchange gestures and trace together symbols of love, peace and unity!

I encourage you to watch the video below and feel the happiness both countries experienced because of Coca-Cola!

A moment of happiness has the power to bring the world closer together

How do you make someone happy ?

Video Source: Coca-Cola


  1. Beatiful and touching thumbs up sa coca-cola

  2. Interesting and innovative advertising campaign.

  3. very nice! Thanks for sharing Farida.

  4. How extraordinary. Exquisite. Thank you.

  5. good to see the joy of the people.
    Here have not seen such a machine.
    Congratulations for your blog and a hug

  6. Cool...if only it could be that simple.

  7. Happiness is uncontrollably exploding bet two nations. Truly awesome interactions. Coca Cola is indeed a great producer of "Happiness"!
    I remember tuloy my late mother every time she wanted to drink coke, she'd ask my son .. "bili ka ng Coke.. para masaya! (kahit di pa uso sa Coke ang word na happiness. It's those words that forever stuck with us if we want coke. "Bili ng coke, para masaya!" Lol!

    Smile and be happy as always, Ida!

  8. Coca-cola has a promo on a gasoline station and from it our office is having a little "happiness". Employees who received a bottle of Coke never fail to smile...parang "Jollibee spaghetti" nakadikit din ang word na happy. :D

  9. I love all the joy shown on the faces!
    I wish they had picked better music for this. Also, I know this is Coca-Cola but I wish they could have been a bit more subtle in the advertising for their product. Hey! That's just me.
    They still can't beat the teenagers on the hill singing, "I"d Like To Teach The World To Sing" from the early 70's, I think. Simple but effective.
    Make sure you read my last post about the Sunflower Festival! :-)

  10. This great commercial! I love it, the best thing next to a wonderful meal is Coca-cola..:)

  11. Coke bring unhappiness to the workers of Coke specifically the workers of Canlubang plant in Laguna; this mutinational company refuse worker's demand for wage increase


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