As He Fondly Recalled

The antiquated photo was taken in 1950s when my father was barely five (first from right). He is the middle son who was terribly spoiled by his grandmother but had frequent beatings from his mother. He fondly recalled how he enjoyed playing on the street and always went home with his both arms covered with rubber bands or his shoebox filled with playing cards after several games with his friends.

He jovially shared that he and his younger brother would sit on the lap of their eldest brother though the jeepney was empty of passengers to save on fare when going to school, lol! The driver would then encourage them to sit for free and later spend the money to buy more snacks in school. Now that's very clever of them to devise such scheme!

My father is now 61. And though the twilight years of his life is fast-approaching, he continues to have a child-like charm that we find endearing. And I never fail to thank our good Lord  because he and my mother continue to be considerably healthy even in their senior years!


  1. A sweet old picture. Good health is a blessing.

  2. Lovely photo...and cute memories of your dad and his brothers.

  3. I always loved listening to my Dad recounting stories from his childhood. He doesn't have much photos from that time though, maybe my other cousins have them.

  4. Beautiful photo. My dad used to tell me plenty of stories before he passed away. Hayy, missing him again....


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