Today I Am Lucky...

Today I am lucky... to find not just one but four variants of my favorite Halter Bonbons! 

While doing our weekly grocery shopping I went to the items on sale and found these. The price tag read P9.25 (original price per box was P24.75) and it'll expire after four months. Not bad, right? I love the coffee flavor since time immemorial. But since the price was significantly lower, I also got myself the other flavors which were as good. But as a certified coffee lover, nothing beats my first love.

I hope your Friday was great!


  1. So inexpensive! Honestly, I have not heard of this brand. I will look for it here. Naintriga ako.

  2. Lucky finds like that make you feel special.

  3. New to me but sounds good...like you I love any thing with coffee flavor....

  4. Hey! I recently met your blog, and i only want to say that since now i’m following you, you’re fantastic. And yes, so lucky, hahaha.

    Can I ask you for a favor? Please, visit my recent post and write a comment, it only take you a minut! Thanks for avanced!



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