Summer Activities

Children today are exceedingly lucky and blessed.

Why? Because there are more opportunities these days for every mommy and daddy to have better parenting skills. The Internet alone is replete with relevant information on how to's for free. There are a wide range of related articles that are tailored to your needs and demands. Seemingly, magazines and books on such topics are also available in the bookstore. Support groups and events to nurture the young ones are also prevalent in this time and age. Because of these helpful information, I'd say that today's modern parents are smarter and more loving.

When I was younger, there were no review centers to help me pass my Maths subject nor to help me create a sensible paragraph for my English class. I was never enrolled in a craft school to keep me busy and away from the tube. But I remembered basking joyfully under the sun with my playmates while I reveled in the outdoor games we played till  dusk! I jovially enjoyed taguan, patintero, agawan base, monkey-monkey and I even climbed trees... sweet memories I will forever treasure!

This summer, what fun activities do you have in mind to help your bored tots excited, animated and energized? And when you were a kid, how did you survive the summer vacation?

Photo source: Kristin Raffath and Kathy Azada

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