Types of People To Work With

Life is a hodgepodge of  unique personalities that are either fascinating, passionate about what they do, receptive to their environment and free-spirited. But in reality, there are a handful who seem indifferent.

Why, you might ask? Because we come from various backgrounds. We have myriad beliefs stemming from different influences. Our orientations and how we were brought up also matters (a lot). However, in the microcosm we belong to, choosing with whom to work with is always never possible. And whether you're a student, an employee, a mother managing your own household or if you're an owner of a business; you have the tendency to lean towards those with characteristics that will make your lives better. Agree?

Below are the 10 types of people you should work with
  1. Those who are good friends with you whom you can easily talk with
  2. Those who share the same life values as you
  3. Those whom you can trust and understand
  4. Those whom you can  communicate easily when issue arises
  5. Those who are as dedicated as you are
  6. Those who are as magnanimous as you are
  7. Those who share the same interests as you
  8. Those who support you wholeheartedly
  9. Those who have a standard of professionalism
  10. Those who share the same vision and beliefs as you

Imagine this. If everyone around you cooperated, is results-oriented, reliable, proactive and adaptable, then life would be very beautiful like the photo of a landscaped garden above. There will be unity and harmony. Everything will fall in its right place and consequently an ideal environment for everyone!

What types of personalities do you enjoy working with and why?

List source: Yahoo! News Singapore
Photo source: Cidera Spencer

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