Learning Is Fun At McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2014

Summer is undeniably here! And the best way to keep the little ones busy while away from school is to provide them with fun-filled activities and values (hopefully) they will remember throughout their lifetime.

To veer Ozen (11) and Omi (4) away from tinkering with the gadgets and the constant boredom, they were enrolled in a week-long workshop at the newly renovated McDonald's, Aurora Boulevard roughly  five minutes away from the house on foot. Both my nephew and niece were exceedingly frenzied with the idea of participating in the workshop activities that were enjoyable last April 21st to 25th such as:

  • Values formation lecture: Teamwork, handwork, discipline, sharing
  • On-the-floor training: front counter, drive-thru, lobby
  • Workshops: Apron Making, Burger Making, Talent Workshop, Jazz-Up Hat
  • Song and Dance: Kiddie Crew Theme Song, Do-the-Ronald, Dance Exercise

For an affordable P595.00 registration fee, a participant gets a shirt, cap, mailman bag, ID lace and free meals everyday. A McCelebrations Gift Certificate worth PHP 500.00 was also given that can be consumed within  the year.  

I am loving McDonald's now. I commend the people behind this activity because it is not only educational but the skills learned in this brief experience will certainly boost the potential/s of the child. For example, both my nephew and niece are at an awkward stage. The boy is an adolescent and despite his almost adult-like frame, is extremely shy. It would be great to see him get out of his shell and be confident. The girl on the other hand is very talkative and entertaining at home but is meek when in the midst of others. So it was really endearing to see them enjoying, smiling and learning from the entire experience.

The McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is ongoing until June 1st. You can still register your child, niece or nephew at any participating McDonald's store so they too can have a memorable summer vacation they will forever remember. 

What summer activities did you have when you were young and how different were the activities then and now?

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop Details here

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