Today I Am Thrilled...

Today I am thrilled... by just looking at this heartwarming picture. It bespeaks about so many words associated to a steadfast and unchanging feeling for a significant other. Similarly, it proves that a relationship can last a lifetime if both are looking towards the same goal to make it work.

I am thrilled at the thought of how these elderly manage to make it through despite life's ups and downs. It would be exciting to hear about their successes, their failures in their marriage and the different aspects of their lives. It would also be interesting to know about the many issues they've had and how they managed to resolve them.

Since time immemorial, my Mom patiently utters that no relationship is perfect. However, certain ingredients are necessary to make it endless. Love, communication, trust, fidelity, religion and patience are some of them. I am no guru on this subject but once in my life I have loved... and I sincerely wish to be thrilled throughout my golden years (and have the same facial expression) even if my teeth are all gone or the lines on my face are conspicuous with the right one.

What will you do to make your relationship successful with your only one?

Photo source: Distractify

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