It's YOU versus YOU

Let me share with you the motivating email below I find relevant. Often, we compare ourselves to others and not realize how destructive this can be. Please read on and let's embrace the lesson it conveys!


I often receive emails from readers telling me they want to be like so-and-so but are demotivated by what they see. They see wonderful fitness model pictures and feel bad about their own body. They see somebody far ahead in business than they wish to be and think their own business success is unachievable.

However, we're comparing the wrong things. We only see a glimpse of that other person, and usually those are only external, material and physical features about a person. We often see the great in another and the worst in ourselves. That person you are comparing to may be struggling more than you, but keeping that struggle hidden.

Comparison is useless unless you can use it to motivate yourself, and use it as a way to give you a reality-check and get rid of excuses. Let me explain... You are not blind or you wouldn't be reading this mail, you're not sick, you're not disabled, you're not living in a place with no Internet access. There are billions of people who have it much worse. When viewed in this way you remember and realize how fortunate you are.

Then use it to take massive action
No excuses! Even compete. Make it fun.

You win by taking action and being on the journey without giving up, not by what point you are currently at. Some may be 'ahead of you', but remember they are ONLY ahead in certain areas of life, and if they KNEW YOU FULLY, they would have a lot to learn from you too. You have your strengths, they have theirs.

Take judgement out of comparisons and instead, observe with an attitude of openness and learning, having that person motivate you. Be the best that YOU can be. Surround yourself with people who are slightly ahead of you. Look at what they're doing, what they're reading. Model that. Don't necessarily 'copy' that but create your own, Your self. Your uniqueness, your message.Your goal, your deepest desire.

Power Mindsets:
Take better/worse judgements out of the equation. If they've got less, remember how fortunate you are. If they're ahead? Learn from them. Realize what is possible. If you use these mindsets, you can only WIN. Remember at the end of the day its only YOU you're really competing with.

Text and photo source: Alexander Pauwels email subscription

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