From Routine To Meaningful

I am in a daze and I continue to be dumbfounded till this very day. You see early this month, I was certified to teach (1) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and (2) Business English concurrently. Four days later, while I was still in the brink of accepting these great news; I was astonished to see my name included in the (3) list of the Good Tutor Awards for the first quarter of this year. And I can't help but to whisper a sincere "thank you" to our good Lord.

On hindsight, I questioned Him if I truly deserved these because there were a few occasions when my enthusiasm declined especially after an encounter with a difficult student. On rare instances, I would hear myself whine to my parents about some trivial matters relating to my job as an ESL (English as a second language) tutor. Yet I am reminded in the book of Psalm 75: 6-7 that promotion comes from God and not from men. I assumed He had seen how hard I worked for these and has exalted me though I am still in disbelief.

I have a secret. I dread the technicalities of the English grammar, more so explaining it in detail. I can speak English like my first language and I know when a sentence is correct or incorrect. However, I painstakingly review because I want to excel in what I love doing. I have to prepare myself for the advance students who know the grammar rules by heart. For instance, I have to clearly explain how a reflexive pronoun is used or make the student understand the difference between an active from a passive voice.

The month of May is still unfolding and I continue to be in awe for all these blessings. On a reflective note, I have learned to become more:
1. Grateful that I am able to work from home despite my limited mobility;
2. Patient in dealing with different personalities and extend it outside my job and                        
3. Trusting in His perfect will for me.

So whether you're praying to get the position you're eying for, saving for your dream house or working hard to close the business deal; have faith and do your best. Because He rewards and gives what is rightfully yours in His perfect time.

Photo source: Shelley Mc and Jennifer Wilson Jevel

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