I Love It When It Rains

Hello June and to the occasional showers we recently experience. Hello to the cooler weather this season brings and to a more comfortable afternoons. I am ready to say good bye (for good) to summer and truly welcome the rainy season with open arms. Despite the horrible floods it bring, the lives and properties lost, the possible illnesses we may have and sometimes even the clothes that could smell sour; my feelings for you will never change. And I'm terribly sorry if you had a not-so-good experience in the past.

I love the sound of the rain.  I get lulled with the monotonous music it creates once it touches the roof or the ground. I'd love to be able to play again under the rain like when I was younger without nary a care. It would be fun to do this all over again with my nephews and niece while enjoying the moment. Sometimes I get quite sentimental too when there is a downpour. But more than the unnecessary emotions that preoccupies my mind, I have many more reasons to be grateful about especially when it rains!

Some associate it with a sad feeling. They feel altogether miserable and unhappy and would rather ask the vibrant sun to rise and shine! I remembered those days when I was in elementary... I was at my happiest when my mom would tell me to go back to sleep because of a typhoon. I pretended to be sad because I'd surely miss my classmates but I was overjoyed! Peculiar? Perhaps. But the rain truly creates wonderful feelings I will forever cherish.

Photos by Jules Lyn, Bob Marley and Valerie Riordan

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