Cravings Satiated, Absolutely!

My family loves to eat, who doesn't? I am also blessed to have a Mother who can cook fairly delicious meals and a Brother who brings home the bacon by cooking professionally. So when they combine their talents to prepare for an occasion, a feast of  heavenly flavors were created to make the celebration memorable. Similarly, we enjoy eating some dishes we can't seem to replicate at home. And the best way to pacify our cravings is to visit the places below for their specialties:

naimas [na-i-mas]
adjective Ilocano word for delicious

With the burgeoning of many authentic Ilocos delicacies in the metro, you need not travel all the way to the North to experience a taste of heaven on earth! Thanks to Fari├▒as Ilocos Empanada! We even had the opportunity to meet the owners while savoring some of their mouth-watering dishes like the ever-famous empanada. Naimas it is!

They cook everything fresh and from scratch. You can even witness how skillful this house specialty was prepared in less than five minutes!

Pancit bagnet, dinakdakan and Ilocos miki (clockwise) were also to die-for! A word of caution though: most of these dishes are quite oily, thus high in calories too. Eating these in moderation would be prudent but like what my brother mused, "paminsan-minsan lang naman."

Even before the sisig of the Tagalogs became famous, the dinakdakan was already concocted. Eating it with a generous serving of pepper will certainly make you eat with gusto. It's creaminess and tenderness is worth all the calories accumulated! The restaurant also carries other products fresh from Laoag which are all authentic and affordable. Talagang babalik-balikan!


Zark's Burgers specializes in tender-juicy beef patties you can eat in many ways. You can savor it plain, with cheese, bacon, egg, caramelized onions, mushrooms or spam and enjoy a variety of their other delectable dishes.

From their Major League menu which includes iced tea and hand-cut potato fries, we tried (from top to bottom) the Jawbreaker, Luther Burger and Bourbon Burger. The challenging part was, four men carried my wheelchair and myself to the third level because  the place was apparently filled with their loyal customers. And they were most willing to carry me down the flights of stairs after accumulating a pound from a hefty dinner! o_O

After many attempts to have a souvenir photo with these cuties, I managed to capture a couple of shots while they continued to be playful. More than the meat overload that night, I was happier to be with my nephews and niece!

I'm not a meat fanatic, ssshh! I did not find anything remarkable or extraordinary here. But I guess for the adventurous who'd like to try if they could digest three or even five patties in one go, just do it! Zark's service on the other hand was very fast even if people come and go. Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and hot sauce were readily available to make your dining experience more delectable. Similarly, the prices were very affordable too!

Farinas Ilocos Empanada FB Page
Zark's Burgers FB page

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