Losing Weight

...seems to be a perennial problem of almost every lady I know (including myself) except of course for those blessed few whose metabolism is never a problem! Many fad diets through the years became popular. The affluent even go to a dietician for a consultation and have their meals delivered to their very houses. Others try the fast way of losing pounds - through crash diet which I think is exceedingly dangerous. Still, some incorporate several values in their lives to start a change in their lifestyle that equates to a decrease in their kilograms.

While net surfing to kill time, I found the video of the distinguished journalist, Korina Sanchez. Here, she readily shared what she did to lose weight successfully.  She had enlisted several items to avoid and several more important ones to include which is vital to any weight loss.

Losing weight is easy but I find maintaining the lost pounds more challenging. With my limited movement, I absolutely have to choose the foods I eat. Doing my gait exercise is another thing. Whenever I walk with the assistance of an orthosis like the long leg brace and the walker, I perspire so much and  this activity consequently makes me happy. 

What healthy weight loss technique would you recommend and what do you do to be healthy?

Video Source: ABS-CBS News

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