How To Love Your Job

It's the middle of the year; time flies, huh? And no matter how much I love my job (yes, you have to believe me *nods persistently) there are a few instances when I find it difficult to wake up at the sound of my alarm clock. On very rare occasions, I would be lured by the comfort of my bed and pillows to linger longer instead of getting up for the long day ahead.

I have not just learned to love my job but my students as well. I get excited when I see them improving no matter how slowly. I rejoice with them when they share with me that they have passed their EIKEN or TOEFL exam or share an engagement with his fiance. And just like you, I look forward to the  day when I will be receiving my compensation for all the hard work that I've done!

However, there are instances when you get bored, exhausted or find your job a routine, right? Below are many ways to love your job. I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two from it!

How To Love Your Job [Infographic]

How do you repeatedly love your job?

Infographic Source: Visualtistan

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