In Search For Creativity

There are aplenty of times especially these days when I find myself staring at the monitor and squeezing the remnants of my imagination so I can blog about something. Something to tease and interest you perhaps. Something you can learn from and thank me for at the end of the post.

I am human. I fall once in every while and my tank of creative juices ran dry from time to time too. Below is a list of my inspiration from which blogging posts spring forth.

1. Food whether home cooked, delivered or eaten in a restaurant is worth raving for if my palette was satisfied and my tummy happy. I am easy to please. I prefer a fusion of all my favorite dishes too. And when I see the people around me eating with gusto, the happier I feel in making such a selection.

2. Internet surfing similarly gives me the drive to blog. A poster, a photo, a video or a headline ignites the fire to come up with an interesting post.

3. Celebrations and holidays are definitely in my list. These becomes more memorable when I get to interact with my nephews and niece. Their every antic is a sight to behold and just being in their company removes away my seeming stresses.

4. Traveling or simply getting out of the house is a sure way to capture an interesting idea from a complete stranger that catches my attention, from an unforgettable experience, from an act of splendor I've witnessed or a new item I found in the grocery!

What inspires you to blog?

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