Mind Your Manners

I attended my aunt's party last weekend. It was a celebration of her birthday, my uncle's arrival from UAE to spend the holidays with his family and to bid them farewell for their trip to America.

I was enjoying the abundant and lavish food which her household prepared. There were prawns, lechon and lengua to name a few and I admit; all the dishes served were really very tasty until I overheard a guest say to someone: ang taba mo ngayon! I was stunned because I hate this kind of greeting! I was compelled to look at them and I was more surprised to see both with full figures!

I almost wanted to shout back, "where is your manners?" I certainly hope that everybody will be sensitive towards others' feelings. My mother always reminds me to keep my mouth shut especially if I have nothing good or nice to say. Now I wonder if the same instruction was given to the lady by her mother?

On hindsight, I definitely deem that there are 101 ways to greet a friend instead of carelessly blurting out such remark. For example, you can say that you were looking forward to seeing her today or that her haircut looks good on her. If you haven't met each other for months, I'm sure there are many more ways to start a conversation like asking about her family, what her preoccupation is or maybe trivial matters like the weather. So the next time you meet someone you know  be kind because:

Photo source: Zo√ęs Kitchen

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