Ganeza Curry: Indian Cuisine At Fisher Mall

Because my brother was craving and salivating for Indian dishes, he invited us to have lunch at Ganeza Curry that opened last July 24th. Admittedly, it was a cozy nook with subdued lighting and wooden fixtures. It also had a relaxing ambience despite it's minimalist interior. We preferred to dine alfresco though and had a fantastic view of Quezon City and it's urbanization.

Indian Butter Chicken Curry P118

Indian Keema Chicken Curry P118

The main dishes above came with naan, the traditional Indian bread and kulfi (both found on the right side of the platter), an authentic Indian ice cream. I liked it because it had almonds and the right amount of sweetness. It also has a spicy flavor once swallowed, which I find different yet delicious!

The Indian butter chicken curry is tomato based and chicken was cubed while the Indian keema chicken curry is ground chicken loaded with spices like cumin seeds, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, garam masala powder, onions, garlic and ginger.

My order was the Indian keema chicken. It was my first time to taste naan which reminded me of the Bible story where the people ate unleavened bread day and night in the Old Testament. I only consumed 1/4 of it and it was truly filling. I enjoyed the chicken curry and it's flavorful spices the most. My family loves curry dishes since time immemorial; whether beef, seafood, vegetables or chicken. We get our curry powder or paste from a relative in Malaysia and it is a staple food at home.

Tandori Chicken P50

 Karaage Chicken P50

The side dishes above were okay. I think my mom cooks better tandori because these were over cooked which made the chicken meat quite tough. The staff were very attentive except for our order of extra naan which came late. Nonetheless, I am still recommending this restaurant to you. The place is clean and the dishes are flavorful too. The restaurant also gave us two key chains as memento with the store's mascot, the elephant.

Ganeza Curry FB Page
Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave., cor. Roosevelt, Quezon City

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