Give It Time

As an ESL (English as second language) tutor, hearing my students whine about their English ability is a common scenario. They openly share their frustrations and sometimes feel like giving up. They whine incessantly about their inability to express their thoughts fluently. Similarly, they would narrate their intent to better their conversation skills or to be able to watch a movie minus the subtitle.

I empathetically tell them to give it time.

It also applies to the many areas in our lives. For example, a newly married housewife may not be as good in the kitchen. But with a growing desire to cook and to serve delicious meals for her husband; the skill can be learned if given enough time and with the seeming interest to learn. The same applies when you start a hobby. Many years ago, I was engrossed with cross-stitching. I learned that creating crosses on the aida cloth is not that simple because you have to put one half of the stitch in the same direction first before putting the other side to make a cross. This technique will give the pattern a cleaner look at the end. And it took time for me to finish a pattern that I marveled at until this day.

Give it time whether you've in a budding relationship, learning a new skill, investing for the future or trying to make a career in your company.  It is akin to a seedling. It needs sufficient water, sunlight and fertilizer for it to grow into a tree. And may the posters below on "time" inspire you like I did.

Photo sources: Elizabeth Barone, Mallory Susanne, Becky Combs

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