Today I Am Fortunate...

Today I am fortunate... to get out of the house on a working day! My aunt invited me to spend it at the mall to window shop and we agreed to check the numerous stalls at Greenhills. Unfortunately, it was a Thursday. There was a reshuffle going on and saw empty booths instead!

We headed to the nearest mall, Robinson's Magnolia and decided to check its every floor. As we reached the second floor, we were astounded to witness the department store closed but there were some home items on display near the entrance. Luckily I found a tumbler I was looking for hi and lo! I can inconspicuously put it inside my bag because it is rectangular in shape and small, with a capacity of only 300ml. My aunt was happy to buy it for me.

To my surprise, she got three inspirational posters and two huge hampers! Remember, we only wanted to window shop, lol. Then we went inside the various branded shops. I fell in love with FINO Leatherware. The shop smells of genuine leather but their goods cost an arm and a leg though some items were on sale. She got a planner from this shop because she mused that it was pretty!

Cream-O, my aunt's pet lazing around

I am fortunate to have a flexible working schedule and take things easy on a working day.  I do this once in every while though and the change in the routine does wonders to give me the needed break from teaching. 

How do you distress? Do you also find yourself spending more on some occasions?

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