Braxton Hicks or real contractions?

My childhood friend waited for five long years for her first born to arrive. She and her husband were always on the go - busy climbing the corporate ladder and establishing a name of their own. The new life in her tummy was a wonderful change that subdued her fast-paced life. But as a first-time expectant mom, she was overwhelmed with pain and great fear enveloped her!

Are you expecting a baby anytime soon? You may be anxious as to what to do especially for new moms. You don’t have to worry, when you are nearing your due date, the key is to relax and not panic. You may be experiencing contractions now, these are called Braxton hicks. There are ways to know when you’re in labor and when you’re contractions become real. Some women only feel a trickle or a gush of their amniotic fluid. When you experience this and you’re still at home, it’s better to go to the hospital with your companion right away. Also, if you can time your contractions, you’re in real labor when the time of interval of your contractions and the length of each contraction is the same. Visit www.pregnancytips.org for more tips on labor and delivery. 

Photo source: Medical Daily

How was your experience as a first-time mommy?

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