The Many Facets Of Patio Vera

I fell in love with Patio Vera! More than the unforgettable dining experience my parents and I had, we were also stunned to witness the interior of the Pascual-Caballes' house. It was replete with Dr. Rommel's numerous collections beautifully displayed. And I can't contain myself from sharing the information to my relatives.

So after two days, I invited some (ummm more like a dozen of them) to also witness this spectacular and extraordinary restaurant in Marikina. It was on a Sunday; we did not expect the place to be filled with customers during lunch. And after devouring a feast for our happy tummies, we all went for a  photo opp inside the museum-like mansion.

At the airconditioned room

Varying sizes of calesa wheels and an old dresser found in the lanai

The house was illuminated mostly of pin lights. Once you enter, you'll see huge and old luggage stacked on one side of the wall. Across it was an enormous aquarium (not in photo).

A nook with mostly Chinese-looking collections

Priceless chandelier, a day bed converted to a sofa and a big glass case that gave this room an altogether different atmosphere. The spiral staircase was another attraction; beside it was a gigantic drum that looked like a post.

Another part of the room where items were gorgeously arranged that somehow brought us to another era

Many more collections worth admiring and some were even for sale!

And the garden filled with birds and kois that charmed its every customer!

Patio Vera Restaurant
Address: 70 Gen. F. Santos St., Calumpang Marikina
Telephone no: 239-0615
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