RareJob: Not Your Ordinary Job

Having a job and getting a  decent compensation these days is good. But having an enjoyable job with more than a satisfactory pay is the best! I'm sure you'll agree with me once you read the reasons:

1. I work from home and my work schedule is flexible. I can work for as many hours as I want or limit it to even an hour between 5AM until 12 midnight, seven days a week.

2. I work for a company who supplies her employees with innumerable incentives. And aren't we sometimes (er often) driven by the perks we receive and our hard work being recognized? Similarly, the better you become with your craft, the more moolah you'll earn! And the probability of you having many loyal students is likely to happen.

3. The company is the first online English school in Japan with more than 4,000 Filipino tutors all over the archipelago. The majority of the students are Japanese and there are also a minority like the Taiwanese, Koreans, Thai, Chinese and Malaysian (based from my teaching experience).

4. The job is great for everyone - whether you intend to do it part-time or full-time; for the young and even the young-at-heart who can fluently speak the English language and has the passion to share their knowledge.

5. The company has a great number of teaching materials for beginner, intermediate and advance students. And just like in any other job, the more you get exposed to it, the easier it becomes. It offers pronunciation, grammar, TOEIC, news article and conversation lessons. It also has a team of select tutors who can teach Side by Side text-based lessons, TOEFL speaking exercise, Business English, children as young as two years old and those who can facilitate a Speaking Test.   

There is no better place to work than at RareJob where individuals even with mobility issue like myself are given the opportunity and help many realize their dreams. It is true to its vision: "Chances for everyone, everywhere." So the next time you go job-hunting, choose a job you love and never work a day in your life!

Video by RareJob

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The things I have enlisted above are based from my teaching experiences. Similarly, my base rate may vary from what they offer now.

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