Rue Bourbon: The Bad The Ugly

I thought I made the right decision to purchase vouchers from Rue Bourbon, Eastwood. Who wouldn't be lured to read a great marketing scheme - 40% Off: P599 for P1000 worth of Culinary Food Delights? Even the photo from MetroDeal looks as tempting!

Photo Source: MetroDeal

I was robbed  a good sum of money totaling to P5,617.50 (I bought four vouchers amounting to P2,396 which is equivalent to P4,000 worth of food. In addition, I paid P3,221.50 for the excess orders). I thought I did my assignment by reading reviews from Zomato and the blogs I've visited. I discovered and read a mixture of write-ups. And my rant is an addition to negate their claim - a culinary food delight? Sigh!

The Bad The Ugly
  1. I had the notion that the size of the food served in a place offering American cuisine were huge or for sharing. The prices were comparable to the likes of  The Racks, TGIF, Chilis or Burgoo. Their serving was small.
  2.  The food weren't fresh especially the meat. It tasted like it were cooked, kept in the freezer then reheated a number of times. 
  3.  The ranch sauce included in the Soul Platter tasted like flour.
  4.  The photos from the menu did not look anything like the food served.

My taste buds expected much more for the whopping price of their dishes. I was also with my brothers - a sous chef and a gourmand. And the criticisms were never-ending. Our palates were not tickled. At all.

Clockwise: Meat Overload P405, Seafood Jambalaya P425, Classic Burger P315, Soulful Platter P1,350

Clockwise: Shrimp and Sausage Diablo P395, Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet P375, Salisbury Steak P295, Beef Fried Steak P485

Clockwise: Spaghetti Bolognese P320, Chicken Fried Steak P375, Chicken n' Pork Jambalaya P325, Four Cheese P395,

Oh well... charge this to experience. The good thing was, my nephews and niece made the occasion merrier. They were the star of my night!

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