Today I Am Grateful...

Today I am grateful... I celebrated Christmas and New Year with the people I deem important - my family. We were complete (again) for the first time after so many years. My youngest brother who is often away due to work during this season is now home. It's always a joy to see everyone looking fairly the same like my parents with more grey hair and seemingly wiser point of view about life. This festivity was a great opportunity for me to bond with my brothers and their wives. I admire their ambition, dedication and compassion in their respective careers and families. I was able to immerse in my nephews' and niece's "world" who never fail to bring so much happiness, laughter and awe. Admittedly their transparency, genuineness and wit always astound me. 

I am grateful for the job I love doing from home. My exposure and interaction with my Japanese students have made me more appreciative of their culture... and hopefully I could witness it in the future. Similarly the people I've met through BC Bloggers and the rest of my virtual friends have also been part and parcel of my life. The weekly round is something I look forward to as I discover bits and pieces about you. Consequently by reading your entries, I feel that I too have tasted the food you've prepared, have also traveled to the numerous places you've been to and learned from your many life lessons.

As I reflect on the year that was, the quote below resonates loud and clear:

My parents with my nephews and niece

As we embark on the new year, may we all achieve our dreams, desires and aspirations with His help. Most importantly, may your journey this 2015  be fulfilling and meaningful!

What are you grateful for?

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