As I See It: Suffering Is Optional

My visit to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) earlier this October for the healthcare of my kidneys made me realize that I am far beyond blessed (despite my limited mobility due to the acquired disability) as opposed to the people I have seen and have spoken to.

I will never forget the pleading sound of the child's voice while she was whining to her mother. Her words were unclear but it was evident that she was irritated and wanted something very badly. I could not help but to stare and wonder why she was there. I was also transfixed at the loving gesture of her mother - gently touching the strands of her hair and whispering soothing words to pacify her.

"Courageous" (not her real name) was diagnosed with lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer when she was only two (2). She's now four (4) and was in the hospital for a treatment that needed fasting for 12 hours. She was thirsty but even a dab of water on her lips was prohibited; making her cranky and grouchy that morning. She managed to widely smile when I cajoled of how brave she has been through these years. Her proud mother even shared her skill in drawing and love for learning. And the magical solution to all her grumpiness was a chicken and spaghetti meal at Jollibee!

As I repeatedly reminisce this scenario, I remind myself that I don't have the right to complain over trivial things when someone could be in a worst state. The child's exemplary ways are admirable. She may be suffering but the bravery in her eyes was noticeable. She has further touched my life and the lives of many others (I am sure).

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