Kumori in The Block

There were so many people. Similarly, the bakery was new to us so our curious palates magnetized us to try what they had to offer. It was also time to have a snack and we thought to give it a try and find out what the current hype was all about. Kumori is one of the Japanese bakeshops to hit the metropolis, attracting the foodies in the Philippines and the curious gourmands.

Not that bad but I wasn't as pleased. I loved their matcha milkshake though which was refreshing. It wasn't so sweet nor bitter. The presentation was pretty and truly eye-catching. The choco hazelnut was too much for me even if I love chocolates. It was waaay too sweet! Perhaps you can request for the staff to only put half of the syrup. But presentation-wise, both looked really delectable!

There was nothing extraordinary about their breads. We tried all their bestsellers and the dough tasted the same except for the toppings that varied. They weren't too soft nor spongy in texture. But I found them quite plain. It's the novelty that really made us enter this shop.

(Clockwise) Salmon bonito (on a stick) P55. Ham and mushroom bun P49. Blueberry brioche P51. Crabstick bun P58.

Choco Hazunut P175

Matcha Milkshake P185

I would love to try their cheesecakes soon. And the matcha milkshake is something I'd order again. The ambient interior was also noteworthy - it'll make you want to stay longer.

Kumori Facebook page


  1. Delectable delights! Your photos are great, they capture these treats beautifully.


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