The Story of "My Survivor"

Flowers of various colors and species have always been pleasant to my eyesight! I can perpetually stare at them, admire its loveliness and enumerate a lofty list of the many things I find attractive about it.

Survivor, my orange bougainvillea was purchased last March. Its height was approximately three feet and had many thorny branches already. Sadly, after a week of being transferred to a bigger pot, its leaves started to wither, its flowers fell off, until dried twigs were all that were left!

We were tempted to throw it away but we continued to tend to it. Not very soon, new leaves started to spring forth. We became more hopeful and researched online what it needed: it loves the sun, thrives on little water and occasional fertilizer. Two weeks ago, flowers started to appear - and it continues to blossom.


My Survivor's story is analogous to every Christian whose faith is being tested, resiliently facing life and evolving wiser, stronger and more matured as he victoriously surpasses the test.

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday last May. When she started to be an octogenarian, her health deteriorated. Both her eyes had cataracts. Apparently the removal  made her one eye blind. Her kidneys started showing signs of failure; the creatinine level was very high. She was advised to have dialysis and was restricted from eating foods that could advance its deterioration. The visit to the specialist is never-ending to this very day. She had gone through a test called the GFR, religiously takes her medicines, has quarterly consultations with her specialist and her health miraculously improved based from the most recent lab results.

She continues to honor and praise our good Lord irrespective of the discomforts she has been experiencing. Her smile is undeniably contagious because He has always been present in her life. Remember, life is never a walk in the park. "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1 KJV


  1. Always an inspiring post Ate. Missing my Nanay so much. Hindi ko mapigilang maiyak kapag naaalala ko sya.

  2. Your flower picture look like a beautiful painting and truly reflects how God CA remake our brokenness into something new and lovely. So glad your grandmother's health has improved.


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