50% Off At The French Baker

Happening nightly at 8:45pm, everything unsold is marked down at 50% off!

Because we live very close to their Ali Mall branch, being first in the line has become an obsession. It is also akin to an adventure. It entails planning for the right timing, selecting the breads and pastries I  wish to purchase, hoping that my favorites are still available and patiently queuing before the numbers are given to the customers by the staff.

Our all time favorites are their bagel, raisin loaf, turnovers, asado roll, cream puff and pesto garlic bread. Their products can even last as long as three months if you store it in the freezer. Hoarding for breads and pastries is not a bad idea when you save half of its price. I prefer my bread toasted to a crunch, while leisurely sipping a cup of my favorite coffee. 

There's no second thoughts when getting bread and pastries from The French Baker. The taste and the physical appeal is stellar because only the best of the ingredients are used.

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  1. Hello Farida, thank you for coming to my blog. I had been away for a long time and hadn't properly caught up with everyone!
    I like that idea of selling everything a half price after that time. Very sensible, all the stock would clear and there would be many happy customers too. We would love it if we lived there!
    Cheers for now and I shall visit again soon :D)


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