Helpful Furniture Websites With Great Furniture Pieces

Let's admit it; window shopping from store to store (even from website to website) for a new furniture can be very exhausting and daunting. There are so many designs, materials and colors to choose from and their prices vary too. Let me share with you some practical pointers when window shopping for a furniture:

1. Have a theme in mind be it color, style or concept. This way, choosing a furniture will be easier because you exactly know what you want. Similarly, you won't be distracted from the plethora of items that may appeal to you. The design styles can be modern, minimalist, traditional, contemporary, bohemian to name a few.

2. Stick to a budget by looking around first. Most likely you'll find a cheaper, even better item when you go around unhurriedly and while meticulously scheming through a showroom replete with lovely furniture. You'll also find inspiration for a specific room in your home that are visually delectable to the senses. The Internet has also a wide selection for inspiration.

3. Be mindful of the materials used. For example table top glass can be ordinary or tempered. The latter is more expensive but sturdier. Fabrics vary too and a leatherette can be lasting by applying conditioners to avoid cracking. With this knowledge, you can be sure to maintain and make your items lasting.

I am also sharing some helpful websites where you can purchase your next furniture.

1. Jiabei Kitchen Trading. This company makes modular kitchen, vanity, wardrobes and entertainment cabinets that are custom fit. And quality-wise, they opt for the best and lasting materials. For example, their modular kitchen is made of car paint that is oven-baked. Most companies use laminates. They also recommend the use of quartz rather than granite for the counter top. It is scratch, heat and  stain resistant while the latter is porous.

2. Furniture Shop Ph. Gives you a wide variety of sofas to choose from. I personally liked how Jen attended to her customers and promptly replied to our queries. Their turnaround time is also precise.

3. GPG Glass and Aluminum. They offer the cheapest price compared to the other companies I've inquired from. Their aluminum screen repair is only P40.00 per square foot. You can look for Romy, the owner.

4. RICAD. Offers a wide variety of decorative panel boards to beautify and transform a plain wall in your house to something Instagram worthy. 

5. Excellent Home Decor. Provides window solutions to make your sleep more efficient and your home-office environment cozy despite the very humid weather.

Source: Real Living Philippines

6. Interior Zone. Found at SM City North Edsa is a haven for all your interior needs with an eclectic array of designs you can choose from. There are more than 20 selection of stores that will definitely satisfy your budget and style preference. Please click the link for directions.

Hopefully you found these helpful. Happy shopping!

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