Dapitan: A Haven For Your Decorating Needs

A home will never be complete without the decorations we see on the wall, on the console table or on every nook and cranny imaginable that adds "life" to the environment. These are pieces of items that may signify a milestone, a collection of sort you have been purchasing through the years, or simply a decor that blends with the rest of your furniture pieces.

In this time and age, the term, minimalism seems to be the trend in interior design. Even with this concept or theme in mind, one has still to incorporate the kind of light, furniture or even room color to achieve the "look." Dapitan is absolutely the place for homeowners where you can find all the  knick knacks you may need to call your place a home. Enjoy the various photos of stalls I have captured with interesting items. Oh, you may want to enlarge the photos too to clearly see how lovely they are!

Crystal lights and mirrored vases

Porcelain vases and plates, Chinese ornaments

Christmas decors for the coming season

Glass vases

3D wall decor, lamps

Wooden posters, clocks


Plates and glasses

Ceramic decorations

Map of the Dapitan Arcade

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