Road and Food Trip at Real, Quezon

An impromptu outing is always the best. Though short and brief, my senses were exceedingly satisfied with the breathtaking sceneries I rarely experience in the metropolis, including the change of the weather from fine to stormy on our way home.

Because it was National Heroes Day last August 28th, we decided to go to the East for a short drive. My dad, brother and nephew tagged along and savored the beauty one cannot see and smell in the urban jungle.

This body of water is close to the Pacific Ocean. It is now getting famous especially to the surfers who are in their happiest status when the tide is high. Similarly this is closer to Metro Manila too so it means lesser travel time and more time to bask under the sun and enjoy the high waves.

As we lowered the windows for the fresh breeze and the saltiness of the air, one cannot help but to be mesmerized at the sereneness and tranquility of the blue water. At an instant, I was recharged from the renovation anxieties.

Garlic and buttered sugpo, spicy ginataang sting ray and spicy adobo pusit were the highlight of this adventure. With all sincerity, the food were extremely delectable not because we had a very late lunch or early merienda at past 3pm. All of these were fresh! You choose, they cook while you wait and serve it piping hot. Unfortunately, we discovered that the cooler was missing so we weren't able to bring home affordable and fresh seafood that were in abundance.

I was stunned to witness a wide variety of ornamental plants my mother and I would love to have for our house along the roadside! They were wild; in green, red, purple and yellow colors. I was tempted to get out of the vehicle and gather as many plants I could possibly bring home but I was as happy to just see them swaying and waving their leaves at me, awaiting for someone to keep them.

On our way home, we were happy to view the majestic sunset despite its melancholy. Our somewhat weary bodies reached our home safely yet, our souls were revived from the beauty of our Lord's creation we have once again witnessed! 


  1. I hope you had time to stop and get out of your car and smell that fresh air! Lovely post!

  2. We stopped for sometime but did not get out of the car anymore. And yes, we loved the smell of the fresh and salty air! :)


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