Lessons Learned Through The Years

In life, we all have to go through trying moments and sometimes instances that will hurt or even break us apart. Many times, I resist going through this journey. However, these painful experiences will definitely make and mold me into a better version of myself. Seemingly, I still dislike getting out of my comfort zone but the happiness I feel once a problem is resolved is incomparable! Pure bliss! Let me share with you some pointers I have learned through the decades.

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1. Time irons out the differences and marred relationships especially when both parties agree to make it work. There are rare occasions though when I let go of some people especially those who have treated me unkindly despite the help I have extended.

2. Nothing weighs against exercise as well as food intake in moderation. The diet fads may work momentarily. They can cost an arm and a leg too but will never last. Also, the fulfillment of being able to wear my old clothes again only makes me want to stick to this time and tested equation. Similarly, having a realistic goal is essential. And no matter how slow the progress is, keep on keeping on!

3. Worrying can be fatal. It takes a lot of courage to trust in the Lord completely because He knows our every need.  In so doing, when you do things in accordance to what is pleasing to Him, He will surely give your heart's desires. 

4. Our health is truly our wealth. Our hard earned money will go to waste once a medical treatment is done to save our lives. I have witnessed this phenomenon in some of our friends lives. Thus, be dedicated to eat simple food, live an active life and maintain a work-life balance.

5. Have a teachable heart. To grow old gracefully in wisdom, this is vital. Be open to new learnings. Be humble enough to change and to reform especially when our actions are wayward. This will not only mold our characters but will open better opportunities in life.

I'm sure you've realized one or two important lessons throughout your life. Care to share?

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