Gourmet and Crafts Fair in Antipolo City

I continue to be astonished with the world-class talents of the Filipino people. Many have even been recognized internationally and have accumulated accolades because of their selflessness, fortitude and bravery. Many more for their skills in singing, painting and boxing, to name a few.

When my nephews and niece were growing, they were not only provided with the nourishment needed for their physical development. Nurturance, guidance and our Godly examples were the utmost requisite to prod them to be the best version of themselves. To this very minute, I continue to pray that they will heed to our advises and do well in all their undertakings.

Last Friday, my parents and I were amazed to witness the Rizalenos' excellence in cooking and handiwork that were featured in the week-long event at Robinson's Antipolo. The "Gourmet and Crafts Fair" was a great avenue to boost the recognition of the small scale businesses and their unique products. Below were some of the booths we visited:

My mommy was mum about her right frozen shoulder until she willingly volunteered for the hot compress to be tried on her, coupled with acupressure and the application of the Herbosido Oil the lady was selling. She was relieved instantly and bought the item!

I was  also happy to get the '"Quiet Book," an educational material made of fabric for the Sunday schoolers. The activities are varied - from counting, matching colors, identifying the parts of a face, learning to zip, biggest to smallest, the parts of the Philippine flag and stacking of hamburger ingredients. These can be detached with a velcro. I was amused to try each!

We have been experiencing concurrent typhoons this week, yet this did not stop us from going to this event. How was your weekend like?

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