Kids Are Undoubtedly Smarter These Days 2

I love kids and often times, I really wish my nephews and niece will stop from getting older! But sadly I cannot control this part; let alone their preferences in life. Whenever there is an opportunity for me to be with them, I really make it a point to immerse myself in their microcosm because they amuse me and they certainly grow up so fast! Let me share with you some of our conversations:

On our way home from church last Sunday, it started to rain so hard. Omi, my only niece hates the rain. She trembled at the downpour and told everyone how afraid she was and suddenly uttered "let's pray to Jesus so the rain will stop." I then encouraged her to pray. She said, "Dear Jesus please make the rain stop so I will not be afraid." A few minutes before we were getting closer to our house, the rain stopped and I said, "look Omi Jesus answered your prayer." She was beaming from ear to ear and stated, "I told you so; He answers our prayers!" 

On a separate occasion, I was asking her how she was doing in school:
Me: "How many classmates do you have?"
Omi: "We're eight (8)."
Me: "Who is the most intelligent?"
Omi: "Me!"
Me: "Who is the prettiest?"
Omi: "Me!"
Me: (Sounding surprised) "Really, you're the best than all of your classmates?"
Omi: "I'm also the cutest because I'm the smallest in our class!"

To end this entry with a happy note, let me share the quotes below. And to all my mommy blogger friends, tap your shoulders for raising your kids pretty well. Job well done!

Photo sources: Nikki Hempenstall and Amy Hall

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