Shopee: The Best Online Shopping Platform Around

With the continuous development of technology, our lives have become easier. Home appliances have evolved through the years. Manufacturers have incorporated the inverter and the "smart" technology. These features have significantly lowered our electric consumption and saved us much money in the process. There's Skype, Zoom, FB messenger applications (among the many others available) that are used for faster communication. All you need is a stable Internet connection and you can have a video call or chat with a co-worker, a family member or attend a virtual church service which is timely due to the pandemic. 

Shopping has also become a breeze these days. We need not go out to purchase an item which one can conveniently do at the comfort of our homes. Everything we need is actually sold online! And Shopee has become my go-to for the following reasons:

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1. Find Similar - allows one to search for the exact product with the lowest price possible since the difference is truly huge! You  can view this under "My Likes" (after you ticked the heart icon). Most of the time, you'll see a variety of the same item too that ranges from the cheapest material to the sturdiest. 

2. Return Refund - enables you to return the product or make a refund if the item  delivered is wrong. Once, my father requested me to buy a tubeless tire for his scooter. The description says the same and it was shipped overseas. When the package arrived, the tire had a tube! Shopee will process your refund as long as you provide the necessary evidence that the item you received was wrong. 

3. Payment Options - aside from cash on delivery (COD), credit/debit card, you can also link your savings account with Shopee and is guaranteed safe. COD was not accepted when I tried to send several packs of face masks and alcohol bottles to a teacher in the Bicol region. This is a convenient way to order for others or if you intend to give a present without going out of your home.

There's Lazada which I used to adore in the past. There's Zalora (and a couple more online shopping sites) but I have not explored its platform. Admittedly, with the rise of patients affected with the virus, shopping online will be the safest way to get your needs and everything in-between. I might have a missed other features. Care to share?

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