"How long have you been teaching? Your Lesson Satisfaction Score (LSS) is very high," was my student's remark during a short conversation, right after completing the lesson. 


True enough, after checking the metrics, I saw the five star rating for the month of January 2023.  

Little does he know that behind the perfect score is the many years of experience I have had as an English for Second Language (ESL) tutor. I have patiently reviewed and studied the details on how to teach every learning material, how to properly begin a class, how to transition from an exercise to the next, how to correct a grammar mistake or mispronounced word, and to appropriately give an encouraging feedback. 

Most importantly, speaking slowly, using easy to understand vocabularies, knowing the subject, and focusing during the lessons are crucial.

The downside - I miss my regular and repeating students. The perks - no financial gain but my open lesson slots will be instantly booked. On hindsight, it is truly rewarding when my efforts are appreciated. Also, 1 Corinthians 10:31 is a great reminder for us to do our best all the time.

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