Hong Kong Disneyland

“Once upon a time” is a magical word that brings out the child’s imagination working, exploring, and looking beyond the impossible. It creates a world far from the real one complete with a plot, characters, as well as a beginning and an ending. They let lose their creativity unlike adults who associate the word with a new project, ways to resolve a seeming problem, or a strategy to maintain the interest of the consumer.

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland brought out the child in me. It is far more than the fairy tales I read and those read to me. I was captivated in a microcosm very unlike mine where the words routine, stress and deadlines persist.

 Discovering Disneyland is a fun and stress-free means of enjoying the four lands (Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Main Street) though I am on the wheelchair. The place and rides are accessible, enabling me to enjoy the main attractions of every land as I get to meet Mickey Mouse and company, watch the spectacular Festival of the Lion King and Mickey’s Philharmagic. I also experienced riding on the the Jungle River Cruise and It’s a Small World. Also I witnessed Mickey’s Water Works Parade and the captivating “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks.

Though brief, the fond memories and snapshots taken will forever be ingrained in my mind while rediscovering the child in me and dream about endlessly.

Wow was all I remembered uttering!!

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