Today I Am Comforted...

Today I am comforted... to starkly know the essence of the word, commitment I have profoundly learned in the process of healing.

I was in a lose-lose situation many years ago. Due to my stubborn nature, I acceded to what was wrong and compromised in the process. Looking back, I am grateful that I allowed myself to be in that moment and witnessed the unfolding of many beautiful memories and realizations that will forever be part of my past. No regrets, actually. But I will never allow myself again to be in the same boat.

Once, while pondering on the myriad why's, I chanced upon the meaningful poster below:

... and the more I was convinced to remain steadfast and to stop from wavering despite the occasional thoughts of going back.

Similarly, commitment in all aspects of our lives speaks volume about our personalities. Your presence at work despite a seeming typhoon, your competence to joyfully submit your deliverable before the turn-around-time,  your aptness to interact with numerous personalities or your integrity to love your spouse says so much about your character.

What have you committed to lately?

Photo source: Mandy Hale

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