Blessing In Disguise: Nodule Detected Via Ultrasound

One week ago, my cousin, Mark who is barely 27 was operated on  for total thyroidectomy. Because  of his adventurous and jovial personality, he volunteered to be the guinea pig when the new ultrasound machine was delivered to the medical institution. He works there as a nurse. His valor was a blessing in disguise - cancer cells were suspected when a huge nodule or mass was found on his throat! And like any normal being, he was anxious and fearful though he tried hard not to dwell on it. A conspicuous and long scar now lays on his neck.

Mark kneeling, second from left

I view this a blessing-in-disguise because:
  1. In the nick of time, the nodule was discovered and he had been operated on. He had received the results of the histopathology exam which confirms the big "C." He will  undergo an additional radioactive iodine ablation (RIA) therapy to kill the residual thyroid tissue. 
  2.  His medical procedure was covered; he was treated in the same company where he is working for.
  3.  This incident can be a gentle nudge from our Lord - a reminder for reflection as well as transformation.

 The demise of my grandmother's siblings were all due to cancer: throat, lungs, colon, bone, and prostate. To date, only three are alive. And I prayerfully hope that they'd spend their twilight years minus the misery an illness brings.

I shiver at the thought of getting sick. The discovery and removal  of my myoma three years ago was an occurrence I will never forget.  Why? Because the Oncologist said I had a cancer and radioactive therapy was the  next best solution. I had a second opinion from another Specialist. We were comforted to know that it wasn't cancer after a frozen section was done (whew!).

Photo source: Roney Smith

To end this post with a positive tone, our gracious Lord allows good and bad things to happen in our lives. By experiencing both, we see the purpose behind those difficulties and appreciate more the triumphant and victorious moments. Yet, it is best to remain thankful at all times and learn in the process. Advance blessed Christmas and may your faith remain steadfast in your every endeavor!

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