PLDT Kaasenso: Your Partner To Succeed

Minigosyantes noun

 : are the hardworking Filipinos, in quest to give their families a brighter future by ensuring success in their minigosyos

Being family-oriented, Filipinos find creative and resourceful ways to provide for their loved ones. Nowadays, stories of housewives venturing into catering or online business to help their husbands augment household income are quite common. So are stories of retirees investing their retirement pays to start buy a cart business franchise. Even students are juggling their time between school and selling their own creations to their fellow students to help their parents pay for their tuition. 

PLDT Vice President and Head of Home Marketing, Gary Dujali (first from right) and his team

Supporting these courageous Pinoys who have invested time and money to put up their own businesses is PLDT KaAsenso. PLDT Vice President and Head of Home Marketing, Gary Dujali shared to every Juan and minigosyante, “Filipinos are naturally very resourceful and creative when providing for their families. The role of PLDT KaAsenso is to give simple yet innovative and affordable technology solutions so they can be more efficient and productive; consequently leading to a better family quality life and making their hard work and sacrifice all worthwhile”

Keep reading to find out the right PLDT KaAsenso package that may work best for you. And you can easily be the next minigosyante in your community:

Photo by PLDT KaAsenso
1.    Plan 1888
The most affordable minigosyo package which comes with high-speed Internet at up to 3Mbps plus the ever reliable PLDT landline. It comes with useful landline features like FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls for 1 year (save on long distance calls!) plus Installation and WiFi Modem fees are free (save P2,300!)

Photo by PLDT KaAsenso
2.    Store Watch
A security bundle that allows minigosyantes to remotely monitor their businesses at an additional P99 per month. For a very affordable fee, the service is packed with so many features:
• Feeds are viewable via multiple devices
• It has a built-in mic for clear audio
• The camera adjusts automatically to available light so captured footage is consistently clear
• It has motion and sound detection

Photo by PLDT KaAsenso
3.    WiFi Zone
For the digitally-savvy minigosyantes who want to turn their minigosyos into WiFi Zones for only an additional P299 service fee per month. Minigosyantes can also earn from this service by selling WiFi Pins.


4.    Cyberya
Photo by PLDT KaAsenso
An all-in-one Internet cafe package perfect for Pinoys who want to start their own internet café negosyo for an initial capital of P7300. The Cyberya Package includes a complete computer set, cabinet, coin-operated timer plus of course, high-speed broadband at up to 2Mbps.

The PLDT KaAsenso packages will surely help you improve productivity and efficiency, helping you manage your minigosyos better. It is for everyone who hopes to have a better and brighter future; definitely every minigosyante's partner to succeed!

Want to be the next minigosyante? Please visit pldtkaasenso.com to know more about their offers.

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