My Sources Of Happiness

I am generally a happy person. The simplest of things can make me smile like someone genuinely thanking me, my mom cooking my favorite meal or even a soothing downpour. Through the years, these things that made me happy evolved - often from tangible to the intangible. And because life is short, I have learned the art of appreciating and being grateful at all times. Below are my sources of happiness.

1. Loyal and repeating students
It has always been a joy to teach students who enjoy learning English with me. I admit, the task can be overwhelming and tiring at times because of their varying English levels but I just love my students; and I am glad they love me too. Through the years, the number of my loyal and repeating students has dramatically increased. And I am valuing this job I can do comfortably at home.

2. Weekends
Because I work hard on weekdays; I look forward to weekends akin to a child opening a present. I lazily bask in bed for longer hours, spend time with my family to explore a new place while enjoying an unplanned road trip, trying out a new restaurant or organizing. Weekends give me a break from the mundaneness and the ordinary. And it is fun to be adventurous or to simply just be.

3. My happy pill
 ... is something you may have experienced at some point in your life. Admittedly, it was a surprise (er more of a welcome surprise) and the constancy of it is magical and bliss because it chooses me everyday. It is also accepting, encouraging and inspiring. It is God's precious gift to me.

Coffee (or even its aroma), the company of my nephews and niece and knowing I have touched someone's life continue to be in the list of my sources of happiness. Life is certainly short. So find your happiness and let it stay in your life for as long as you can!

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