Thoughts On Working From Home

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Believe me. I never thought of simply staying at home and doing my job without physically interacting with my supervisors and colleagues when I was younger. For more than 31 months now, I am altogether grateful and blessed that I am working from home! 

I decided to make this great leap after my exposure to the call center industry that gave me a wider perspective of life. It enabled me to meet and interact with a hodgepodge of personalities and experienced varying scenarios.  Prior to this I worked in the academe from home where I had myriad jobs. And now I'm back to working from home as an ESL (English as a second language) tutor.

Below are my realizations as a home worker:

1. Working from home is a personal choice. I heard my cousin say, "I'd like to get dressed, put on make-up and look pretty everyday." You can do that too while working from home! Because I do video lessons with my students, I make myself presentable by wearing a decent top and applying a light tint of lip gloss. Most importantly  I smile and sound friendly to make them feel comfortable while building rapport with the new students.

I am also thankful to the advancement of technology. Working from home becomes a breeze especially for people with disability. You just have to scout around for the right job and even have two or three jobs you can do in your convenient time at your home. 

2. You no longer need to commute and experience the horrible traffic. Similarly you save on gas or on transportation fares. When I was in college (and was still capable of walking) I had to trod a couple of kilometers from my campus to the main thoroughfare in rain water until my knee! And you could just imagine the bacteria or virus floating in it. I had no choice but to get through it fast. 

3. Your social life can be as fun. I value my weekends and plan ahead of time for activities I truly enjoy. I constantly increase my social circle by joining Tutor Gatherings where I can meet other tutors who are jovial and meet up with old friends from time to time. 

It is liberating to work from home. It requires a little amount of dedication, compassion, motivation and time management skill to survive.

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