Kids Are Undoubtedly Smarter These Days 3

My niece, Omi visited me this afternoon right after we finished spring cleaning. She was talkative and animated as she answered my every questions about her day at school until she saw the mop by the corner of the room. And her eyes sparkled!

Omi: "Naynay may I help you mop the floor?"
Me: "Of course but you're too little to do that."
Then she started talking non-stop...
Omi: "I enjoy doing this. In our school, the janitor mops our classroom. My mommy is like a janitor too because she does so many things in our house and sometimes I help her. So I'm also a janitor like her." o_O

I giggled and was amused by her naivety. I then explained to her the word, "chore" which she later understood. She's now six. Her presence is always a joy and I continue to pray and hope that she'd grow up to be a fine lady.

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