Little Things Matter

The third quarter of this year was akin to an adventure - I traversed to a wanderland with a mixture of hope, enthusiasm and confidence. The end result was satisfactory. I was glad though that I gave it a try for the experience and never thought of reaching that far.

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Klatch [klach] 
noun: a casual gathering of people, especially for refreshments and informal conversation
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I attended another tutor gathering entitled, "Coffee Klatch With The CEO"  at a cafe in Quezon City. Comprised of a smaller group, we were served an aromatic and seemingly satiating brewed coffee. It came with a platter of tuna pasta, ciabatta bread with cucumber and cheesecake. The highlight of the event was the recognition of the Good Tutor Awards to the 25 attendees. We also enjoyed a game to kick off the occasion and the more intimate conversations while I got acquainted to the staff and to the other tutors. I admit, the time was exceedingly short. And I am looking forward to the next one!

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Why is coffee so tempting? I salivate at the thought of it; more so when my senses are about to enjoy the real thing!

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I'm not a coffee addict. Drinking a cup a day will suffice ever since I befriended the stimulant, caffeine. After the visit to my nephrologist for my  kidney's healthcare, I was ecstatic to learn firsthand that coffee will never be ruled out from the list of my favorite beverages. According to the clinician, a severe kidney problem will never happen especially if hypertension and diabetes are not part of my medical history. Nonetheless, I still need to undergo a series of laboratory tests to determine its condition.


I had the chance to meet my friends from college over lunch at Lilac Street, Marikina, together with their families. These little things in my life truly matter. Gone were the days when I would stress myself over things that weren't so meaningful. In retrospect, I am happier as I continue to be grateful all the time.

What matters most in your life?

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