Historical Places Around Taipei

Martyr's Shrine (War Memorial)


National Palace Museum




Presidential Office Building


Around Taipei

The roads around Taipei are clean. There are not so many vehicles but I noticed that the motorcycle is the most common form of vehicle even the ladies use. The bicycle was also seen along the thoroughfare. It is like Makati or Ortigas minus the congested streets.

Generally, the people are kind, soft-spoken and polite. According to the taxi driver who drove us around, the Japanese influenced the Taiwanese for many years, perhaps the reason for these qualities. A number of people can also speak English.

Obviously, Taipei values its environment. There are so many trees around the place. I even saw newly planted trees with bamboo poles to support it from standing erect. Though the country is industrialized, the wind was seemingly fresh. And I was glad to discover so many good things about this country I never knew in the past.

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