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The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) accidentally allowed me to discover a different new world that made me cry, laugh and forget time. I witnessed and immersed into the lives of protagonists and villains I have learned to adore especially when the story continues to unfold because of their acting prowess fitting their characters. I exposed myself to varied genres (i.e. fantasy, thriller, romantic comedy, drama, tragic) and high caliber actors and actresses (not just the famous ones because of their looks). The more I watch, the more I understand the hype behind the sought-after Korean drama series.

I am amazed at how the writers creatively build plots that are out of this world which consequently make me wonder or guess what the next scene will be. I am stunned at the twists or even valleys and peaks of some I have watched. Most endings are happy; some, open-ended. A few, tragic. Yet every time I finish watching one, I find it hard to scout for a newer story. 

Below are the titles of some K-dramas that pierced my heart. I may have discovered all these only now and I have many many more discoveries to do in the days to come. The good news is, there are free apps available for easier access:

     Woman of 9.9 Billion
     W (Two World)
     The Heirs
     Scarlet Heart Ryeo
     The Doctors

What is your favorite K-drama?

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