Typhoon Ulysses: My First Flood Encounter

Morning of November 12, 2020.  My parents and I were astounded to witness the flood waters rising! It continued to increase as the hours progressed although the strength of the storm was no longer felt. 

My niece was optimistically awaiting for the water to enter the house. Equipped with rain boots and accompanied by  her gadget to  overcome boredom, she was sitting patiently  by the door to  welcome it! We even  created  paper boats, saw it sink and laughed! 

Earlier on, my mother thought of elevating the furniture in case the water gets inside. Despite their age (both are seniors), they managed to prop the furniture on the batibot and ghost chairs. Her prudence saved us the energy and time to clear what was in the living and dining room while the rain water was getting higher.

Around 4 PM, it slowly krept in and the inevitable happened. We had no way to stop it though we remained prayerful and knew that God was in control. The anxiety attached to this sudden phenomenon was new to us. We are grateful though that only 2" of rain water was in the house. It started to subside around 7 PM and the whole night, my younger brother started to clean and clear the first floor. He disinfected the marble flooring the next day. 

Stubborn mud and debris from the typhoon's aftermath were all over the next day. I am grateful to see the sun shining, signifying hope to those affected. Our property is 1.5 to 2 meters high from the street. Many of our neighbors had a hard time slumbering because their beds were dirtied with the flood! We have no right to complain after seeing the situation in Cagayan and Marikina. Still, we continue to praise our Jehovah for protecting us. 


  1. I have not been a regular blogger for quite sometime, but I just happened to see your post. I am so thankful your family is okay and the flood did not ruin your home. God bless!

  2. Thank you, Ms. Janice. Hope all is well with you :)


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