Covid-19 Pandemic: Introspection and Lessons

 Lost lives, joblessness,  poverty,  mental health disorder  and  uncertainty of tomorrow are the obvious results of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To this day the hype about it continues along with the increasing number of people inflicted with it. Throughout these nine long months of community quarantine, I learned these things:

The importance of saving is paramount than acquiring a luxurious lifestyle. Many were financially unprepared. Companies have to close down because they were at the verge of bankruptcy. Some requested their employees to be on a skeletal workforce. Consequently, people are hungry and the economy continues to look bleak.

There were a lot of generous individuals who shared their blessings to the frontliners and to the  families that were greatly affected. Getting support solely from the government was unthinkable because of their poor fiscal management.

Staying at home even for a long period of time is indeed possible. You  just need to look around. The chores are endless. You can also try a new activity to add meaning and joy to your life. 

The government may enforce rules and restrictions  related to the pandemic. However, let us not forget the importance of assemblying everytime the church is open for services. While practicing the proper health protocols, it is vital to obey God's mandate. His protection will surely be upon us and He will be very pleased.

Staying physically healthy is one of my priorities now. It's not just losing weight but being stronger, sweating more, trying hard to eat in moderation (despite the tempting food during this season) and hoping to maintain this lifestyle. It is educating myself and making healthier choices until my body craves no more for junk food.

The year is about to end. Typhoons, earthquake, deaths and this pandemic have shattered countless lives. Nonetheless let us continue to put our hope in Christ and to run the race with patience and gladness.

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