Kape Natividad Roastery and Cafe

Situated in a quaint bahay kubo-like structure without walls and with the view of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges as well as the Laguna de Bay, my parents and I nodded in unison to have a late lunch here after our short trip to the grocery. We drove a little more than 40 kilometers away from our home to discover this new place I fortitiously found from Google.

Click for a bigger view and appreciate the beauty

This is a fairly new branch that opened only this January after a successful set up of their coffee shop on wheels. Yet many go all the way to Marilaque highway in Tanay to enjoy what they have to offer. They used to have a restaurant along JP Rizal in Marikina but is still close since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) started last year.

For weeks now, I have been imagining the taste of the photos posted on their FB page and rereading the menu and reviews of their clients. Admittedly, I fell in love with our initial order (because we plan to visit again soon), with the fresh cool air and the picturesque view of the mountains and the lake.

Pugon baked meat lovers pizza

Crispy kare-kare

Mushroom burger

Strawberry smoothie

The food in their menu weren't that many but I now know the reason why people keep on coming back despite the distance from the city. The pizza was really appetizing, oozing with a lot of melted mozarella cheese, pepperoni, smoke bacon and honey ham. The kare-kare's meat was indeed crispy and tender. It had a strong taste of the peanut sauce which makes this dish distinct, was tasty even if you forego the bagoong and is best paired with rice. The mushroom burger was shared by my parents. I think they liked it. It was a healthier option (I hope) from the burger fastfood chains we see everywhere. For the beverages, strawbery smoothie and iced cappuccino (not in photo) were as delectable.

Photo from kathyevec

Though the road to Kape Natividad was long and winding, we had an enjoyable time away from our usual routine and definitely a relaxing way to prepare us for the new week's grind.

Kape Natividad FB page 

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