Bulawan Floating Restaurant

We discovered another place to hang out in the age of the new normal. It boasts with fresh air, al fresco dining, fishing and boat ride activities as well as an assortment of newly cooked food you can choose from. Bulawan Floating Restaurant is  located along the hiway of East Manila Road in Pililia, Rizal. It also has a scenic view of the tourist attraction, Pililia Windmills.

It was an opportune time to explore a destination we frequently pass by on our various trips around Rizal. We were also intrigued then with their parking area that abounded with vehicles. To kill our curiosity, we braved ourselves to have lunch away from home after my medical checkup.


We ordered calamares (deep fried squid covered in batter) coupled with some crispy kangkong chips. The squid, juicy and tender to the bite. The mayonnaise dip will add just the right flavor to it. The sizzling dish (shrimp, squid, pork and chicken) was also a hit. It was creamy and delectable. Lastly, the grilled eggplant with chopped onions, tomatoes and shrimp paste neutralized the meal. 


Many families stayed longer as they tried their luck to catch a fish using the bamboo pole. Tilapia and heto were abundant. Patience is required for this leisurely activity. 

As usual, my father and I succeeded in cajoling my mom to have this road trip with us. We are cooped up at home with the surge (again) of the COVID-19 cases. This is indeed a great way to spend the weekend away from home. How was yours? 

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