Tanay Highlands

Another spontaneous trip to the East allowed my parents and I to discover a fairly new dining spot, Tanay Highlands Cafe.

Of all the places I've seen around this area, this is spot on! The magnificence  of the Pililia windmills, Laguna de Bay and part of Sierra Madre can be enjoyed. Admittedly, I am not only in awe but in love. It is arguably the best restaurant with a scenic view!

All three tourist destinations in Rizal, including the fresh breeze many long for can be found here. The winding road uphill replete with bountiful trees is a much better sight than the usual traffic and congestion in the metropolitan. 

We heard that it opened only this February 5th. A group of college graduates from Ateneo de Manila own the place and is still in the process of improving the dining area as well as their menu. This is also a better alternative to Tagaytay and Baguio. More so, it is so much closer to Metro Manila. Parking will never be a problem; an ample and secured space is provided. 

The food selection is good enough to pacify the growling tummies of the motorists. They also have a wide array of beverages to satiate one's thirst. I honestly don't mind the previous because the breathtaking view will suffice. 

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